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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable to page ("Site"). Privacy refers to information that we at Emfit Corp ("Emfit") gather about you and the use that we make of it in the course of our business. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, please do not use this Site.

Non-personal information

Emfit may collect non-personally identifiable information about you in a number of ways including tracking your activities through your IP address or most-recently visited URL. This information is aggregated to measure number of visits, average time spent on this Site, pages viewed, etc. We use this information to measure the use of this Site and to improve the content of the Site. Please note that we may provide this information to reputable third parties, but this information will include no personally indentifying information.

Personal information

In order to provide you certain services through this Site, we may ask you for personal information. We may use this information for marketing and promotional purposes. If you object to such use for any reason, you may stop that use at any time by written request. The request should be sent to use at We will not provide this personal information to other third parties than the Emfit distributor in your country without your prior permission, except as necessary to fulfill your request.


Emfit has taken all appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to, improper use and the inaccuracy of your personal information.

Accuracy of collected information

Emfit will on its own initiative, or at your request, correct or erase any imcomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data.


When you access this Site, our server may attach a small text file to your hard disk - a cookie. By showing how and when our guests use this Site, this information helps us to improve this Site. It is important to note that cookies are safe. They cannot be executed as code or be used to deliver a virus, and personal information is not gathered from them, or stored on them. If you do not wish to receive cookies, or want to be notified of when they are placed, you can set your web browser to do so, if your browser so permits.